Saturday, January 29, 2011


Since my blog is titled "sharin' stories" i thought i might pass on a quick little story . . .
December 13, 2010 - i only remember because my brother in law came to help Chris install the rest of our kitchen floor that day and it happened to be his birthday - what a guy!
Anyway - i had a friend stop by the house as well and after she left, Bradee had been nagging me about something - not sure what as she doesn't speak too well just yet.

Picture this - a long living room with large windows facing the street (west) with a loveseat in front of it, a few feet farther in - a hallway to the bathroom and bedrooms (going south). just after the hall on the south wall, a regular sized couch with the entertainment center opposite this couch on the north wall. on the east wall of the living room is the door way to the dining room. I am at the door way to the dining room, Grant - the brother in law - is sitting on the couch and Bradee is standing at the front of the loveseat along the west side of the living room.

I ask Bradee if she wanted a drink - or something to that effect.
She looks at me with a stone cold face.

I say again - Bradee, do you need something in the kitchen? (as the kitchen is through the dining room and i was headed that way for her)
She continues the face.

I ask a THIRD time if she wants something from me.
AGAIN - the face!

I finally give up and say "forget it" and walk away.

I then hear Grant laugh so much that i turn away and ask what was so funny.
He proceeded to tell me that after i turned away, Bradee looked at him, smiled really big and put her hands up to her mouth, shrugged her shoulders and giggled!

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