Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a glimpse in the life of a 3 year old . . .

So, I feel the need to add a light hearted little glimpse into the ins and outs that comprises my day/evening/life/whatever . . . Anyway, I am type, type, typing away on the computer to post assignments for a college course that I am teaching. I look over and I see Jacob with a calculator to his ear. "eh-whoa."
Now, for those that don't know "Jakenese" or Jacob's own personal language, this is Hello, just without the H sounded out and the double L replaced by a W sound. "eh-whoa."

Further clarification may need to be given regarding the calculator. We have Blackberry phones and many of you may know that these are somewhat bigger than the small flip-phones that are out there. So, a few months back, the littles got ahold of this and decided it could double as a phone!

So, there you have it, Jacob is on the "phone" speaking "Jakenese" to whomever he darn well pleases. Now, in this instance, I am not quite sure if he was fully aware as to whom he was talking to though because the "conversation" went a little like this:
jacob: eh-whoa?  eh-whoa? (turning away and walking now) uh-huh, i bubba.
mysterious caller: ?????
I can only assume that whomever was on the line hung up or prank called our calculator because Jacob decided to throw down the phone and chase after "YA-YA!" (that's Taylor for those of you not in the know.)

And then I continued to return to working.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What if . . .

I would like to preface this post by saying that I wish NOT to offend anyone but if I do, I hope to offend all who read this with enough compassion for those who feel offended by others. I wish NOT to get into an argument about my stance and will NOT respond to any replies that would seem to invite such an act. 
Now, onto my story. . .
As you all are very well aware, I am on facebook. As anyone who is on facebook can ultimately figure out, there is a significant number of groups that you can be a part of and groups you can "like" for whatever reason. I have recently seen a group that supports the idea that those who are welfare should be forced to have drug tests. This absolutely astonishes me! I cannot tell you how much this offends me as a human being.

I often wonder about those that support such an idea. For those that do support such a notion, I ask you these questions and invite you into a world that you may have never considered.
Imagine you are married, college education and have 2 children. You and your spouse are working. You are basically living like any other "typical" American . . . house payment, car payment, utilities and probably the occasional credit card. You have realized that you may have overextended your means a time or two and probably are not putting enough into savings. Now, imagine for an instance that your spouse gets laid off - the one with the greater income AND family health insurance plan. Ok, great. Now what? Well, you have to have insurance - those kids really need it. Now, unemployment could be an option, but that is going to run out eventually right . . . and you still have to pay for insurance somehow. Well, another job is found but it is significantly less pay but you somehow manage to make it work. Whew! Well, how about a few months later, YOU lose your job and this time you were the one with the greater income because your spouse had to take a lower paying job to make sure that the family had health care - God forbid anything happen to any of you and you are without insurance - only making the bills THAT much more ridiculous! Ok, now what - AGAIN! Let's just say that you lose that job right after you or your spouse has added a third child to the family! Ok, so, you have a lot of bills that use to be sustained by the once decent income that you had. You are doing what you can to pay the bills but you have come to realize that whatever is out there for a job would be just given over to a baby sitter because of how expensive childcare is. In a tough job market, beggers can't be choosers but you have to make sure that you have a job that is going to MAKE you money, not lose it! Im not sure if many of you are aware of the fact that if you are working MINIMUM WAGE, and have 3 kids in daycare - you aren't going to be bringing ANY money home AFTER you pay for day care! So, now what are you going to do? Those kids have to eat. You can probably go hungry and hey, maybe you wanted to lose a few pounds anyway . . . starving isn't exactly what you had in mind . . . but you have to do something! After a couple months of going through your savings (remember you weren't too good at getting that nest egg built up . . .after all, you are YOUNG!) and applying at every conceivable decent paying job out there that you won't have to sign right over to the baby sitter - you are broke and have only one income and that is 1/4 of what you were making when the both of you are working. What are you going to do? What can you do? Sell the house? Sell the car? Move in with your parents? Your heart is breaking because no matter what you do, you don't have enough money to make it work.

What are you going to do? Do you suck it up and apply for welfare only to know that you have friends out there that think that you should be taking a drug test because of the serious series of unfortunate events in your life? How are you going to look your friends in the eye know how they are going to feel about you?
Because you have come to a VERY rough spot in your life and you don't know how else to take care of you and your family . . . what are YOU going to do?

Are you going to change your mind and realize that it COULD happen to you? Or, are you going to go on thinking that anyone on welfare is taking advantage of the system and rather than realize that some DO have legitimate reasons for the need, you just assume that 'one bad apple, ruined the whole bunch.'

What are YOU going to do?

Thank you Jacob

Well Sarge is a master of several trades . . . one specific one being fully capable of maintaning our vehicles. While he was changing my oil and air filter in my Durango, Jacob decided to "help" by maintenancing the inside of the truck. Well since I have a push-button dome light that comes on by just pushing it, Jacob managed to push it "on" while Chris was unaware.
Well, later that night/early evening we had a nice young man soliciting some type of cleaning product. I didn't have the heart to interrupt him as he seemed to have his speech memorized. He said there was "no obligation to buy" but I don't know that he realized that we have NO intention of buying from him no matter how great the product. Boy that guy was a fast talker. Well, in the midst of his display of how fabulous his merchandise was, he suggested we see if we have any oil on the driveway. Ironically enough, we DO! Well Sarge hops in the truck to move it and "tick, tick, tick" - try again "tick, tick, tick" - try again and it started. Hmm, that was bizarre?! We let it go and thought nothing of it . . . until we tried to move the truck back later that night. Now the story comes full circle. Sarge realized that since Jacob was in the truck and he looked around and found the dome light on. CRAP! Well, now my truck has been in the same spot since Thursday early evening. Humpf.
Now, we have several options to choose from. Go to an uncles place in Mapleton that may have an extra, wait until Monday for a friend of the family to bring one up to us, go to Norfolk to get my dads or get a new battery.

Decisions, decisions.
Oh, by the way, we didn't buy the cleaning product. It did look like some good stuff, but when the cash flow isn't as great as we would like, we shall refrain.

Thank you Jacob. I love you.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Kelli's Blog . . . start date 8/15/10, 11:39 pm
I can't sleep. I took a nap this afternoon and have yet to fall into a peaceful slumber for the evening. As I laid in bed with a 3 year old snugly nestled in my back (because he was afraid of monsters or something) I couldn't help but begin to hate allergies and the results that come from them. I find it difficult to breathe out of both nostrils at the same time which tends to put me in the "mouth breathers" category for a while. What I find to be the most difficult of scenarios is that I have finally given in to the fact that I probably have allergies and that actually doing something about them would help me from getting chronic sinus infections. Which then leads me another point altogether. My husband and I pay out of pocket for our family's health insurance as we do not have an employer that carried insurance for us. With this insurance, we also have prescription benefits to this. A copay for us doesn't exist for doctors visits and the medication coverage is phenomenal. What is maddening about all of this is that it would cost me LESS to let my allergies get to the point to me having a sinus infection and going to the doctor and getting a prescription than what it would to take over-the-counter medication on a continual basis to combat the allergy symptoms that plague me year round. In my mind, that's ranking right up there with the mafia! Seriously, do the drug companies really need to charge this much for medication?! It's allergies!!!!!! It's not like I'm trying to combat cancer or AIDS or something! Please forgive me as I am sure that the medications for said atrocities are way more expensive than measly allergy medication, but I'm irritated.

Well, now that I have THAT out of my system . . . I will move on to my next latest adventure . . . or lack of adventure, if  you will. This past weekend was my husband's family reunion. This year is was held at his mother's twin sister's home in Emmetsburg, IA. I was unable to attend as I felt it to be necessary to be at a bridal shower for a lovely lady whom has graced me with the honor of being her maid of honor in her wedding this fall!!!! (I just used the word "whom" correctly for anyone noticing!) Since my husband is a man among men, he decided it would be fun to take the kids camping at his aunt's house for the weekend and I would stay home with the dog. Well, I would be lying if I said that I was less than THRILLED at this suggestion! You see, I DO NOT camp. I do not sleep soundly if I am not in a place that I feel that I am "home" in some way. Shoot, while I am being honest, I don't sleep soundly nearly anywhere. I am a VERY light sleeper and according to my husband, I am able to hear a mouse fart a mile away. So, for me to go camping would be rough! I hear all those crickets and zecatas (spelling?!) at night! I heard those birds chirping in the morning. I hear the kids talking on the main floor of the house when I am in the basement. I hear whispers across the room for crying out loud! So, for me to think about going camping does not sit well as I would have extreme difficulty falling asleep when surrounded by NOISE! On top of this, I would NOT be in a bed. I am fond of beds, especially comfortable ones. I have slept in quite a few beds, whether at home, college, my parents' homes after college/marriage, motels/hotels, etc. I think that I would prefer a bed to an air mattress any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I quite frankly consider myself to be of a larger proportion and this type of scenario doesn't bode well with an air mattress, ok?! For me to roll over/switch from one side to another would involve the potential of shooting my husband air-born about 3 feet! Now, I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I'm willing to skip this "adventure."
So, I stayed home. I went out with a friend Friday afternoon and got a pedicure and my nails done after we had lunch at Hardees. If I may make a plug for them, the grilled cheese bacon cheeseburger was AWESOME!!! It may very well have been a heart attack waiting to happen, but I risked it and am here today to tell you about the greasy, cheesy goodness . . . yum! After I was finished at the salon, I went to purchase a gift for previously mentioned bride-to-be at Target. Now, I don't frequent this shopping center very often, but I rather enjoyed my own special finds on the clearance rack while I was there! What I also found enjoyable was that some of the clothing found was labeled a size or two below what I thought I could wear - woot, woot!!! (this is significant when you get to be just "my size" - of course I probably wouldn't be "my size" if  I wouldn't eat those delicious - unpaid plug - grilled cheese bacon cheeseburgers from Hardee's huh!)
After I was finished shopping for me and my friend, I came home and watched tv with no interruptions, no screaming and crying children, nobody yelling from the bathroom "Done! Mama, done!" It was bliss. I then went out to Quiznos (another plug!) to have a chicken ceasar salad. Yum, again. I love those things (minus the onions and tomatoes - yuck.)!!! While I was eating my dinner, in deafening silence, I actually had to turn the tv UP to drown out the DEAFENING sound of those stupid bugs outside creating such a racket!!! UGH! What was on the tv you may ask? Well, "Diary of an Angry Black Woman" is the answer. While it is true that I am in fact, not and angry black woman, I must say that any woman who has ever felt wronged by a man in any way would seriously appreciate the movie. In the middle of this movie I enjoyed a lengthy trip back in time with a phone conversation with my younger brother. We got to the point of laughter that it took me back so many years that I felt like I was in high school again laughing with him making fun of our older brother and our dad! It was fantastic! I also realized that we (my younger brother) and I laugh the same way! Isn't it funny how you notice things like that? Ok, maybe you don't, but those of you that know me best KNOW that this type of stuff is what drives me. After my conversation with my brother, I finished the movie and retired to my bed. A sore spot at the moment as this is where I would like to be! I had to put a pillow over my head, careful not to cover my nose and mouth so that I can breathe, but enough to cover my ear to drown out the sound of those ridiculous BUGS outside!!!! Seriously!!! They have no respect for those that like to sleep. I'm gonna have to have a talk with the Big Guy when I get to Heaven about this.
The next day was fun and very busy. Straighten up the house, and admire how it stayed that way - ALL DAY!, take the dog to the vet, lay out in the sun for an hour, shower and then went to previously mentioned bridal shower!!! I came back home and took a nap as I was struggling with some sinus issues (note the beginning of this blog!) and hoped that napping would help my body recover. Got up and had no such luck. Went to friends house with said bride to be and her fiance - it was her brother and sister in laws home. Grilled out, had some ice cream, had a good time all in all. Came home to a nearly empty house (the dog was still home) and went to bed. Once again, pillow over the head and a fan going to help drown out the sound of the bugs!
I woke up at 8 am the next morning (Sunday) and decided I didn't have enough sleep so I went back to sleep for another hour. I got up, got myself ready for church and away I went. I didn't have to dress any kids, get them breakfast, wait for Chris to smoke a cigarette . . . nothing. Just took care of me and out the door I went. It  . . . . was . . . . great. I still had my sinus issues . . . but i figured by this time i was just going to have to bite the bullet and get some allergy meds. dang.
I worked the nursery at church and while leaving the church to come home, I left alone. No kids running around, no option of losing Jacob like i do EVERY Sunday, no Taylor yelling "I have to say 'Good-bye' to Lillie!" and no Bradee insisting on walking without holding onto someone's hand, no waiting for Chris to make sure he is ready to go. ahhhh, bliss.
All of that was suddenly taken away when I get in the truck and look at my phone and see that Chris texted me to say that he and the kids left his aunts house nearly 2 hours ago. Crap. Well, there's goes my nap after church. Well, I called Chris and we discussed lunch options and I complied with cardboard pizza. Easy enough right? (shrugs) So after I got home from the store, I got the pizzas cooking and prepared for the silence to be over in just a few short minutes.
And then, it happened. Chris pulled into the driveway and my life was back to normal. I adore my husband and my children. While I really loved having things quiet, I give it all up for one quick witted comment from Taylor, one flash of a grin from Jacob, one cute little bat of an eye from Bradee and a hug from my husband.
 Heaven on Earth.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 year old speak

So it all started August 1, 2010. Chris did not end up getting deployed and he went to Denison to see his fellow National Guard members off for their trip to Afghanistan. I stayed home with the 3 "littles" because the littlest little had been running a fever the previous day and part of the day in discussion. That evening, Taylor and I went to church and afterwards, I was on the way home and I called my older brother to wish him a happy birthday with a song from me and taylor! (who wouldn't want an 8 year old singing to them on their birthday really?!)
While talking with my super awesome MUCH older brother - ok - it's only 2 years - but i revel in the fact that he's older - we got to talking about how I had a hankerin' to go to Bob's Bar in Martinsburg, NE. (Those of you who have never gone, that's another story that will have to wait!) After admitting that he had NEVER been there, I about lost it! How he could live in the general vacinity (within 100 miles) for so long and not dined at the excusite Bob's Bar was beyond me! I told him WE HAVE TO GO!!!! Then I remembered the 1st time I experienced such cuisine. . . Chris was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. It was June or July of 2005. Taylor was just over 3 years old and we went with my very good friends Pam and Joe. We took Taylor with us because that's what we did - take her with us EVERYWHERE! (It's nice to have a lot of suitable sitters now for the littles.)
So, Taylor it playing around while we are all talking and laughing and she comes over to me and proceeds to yell "Mooooom, I gotta go pooooooop!" I nearly pee my pants laughing so hard and I proceed to take her to the "bathroom." Im not sure if a toilet behind a very weak door consitutes as a bathroom, especially when the sink is OUTSIDE the bathroom, but the term shall remain "bathroom."

Well, "How does this equate to today?" you may ask . . . well, i will tell you. I took Jacob (now 3) to his yearly check up this past week. We go through the general questions about his home life, eating habits, sleep habits, sisters, shots, etc. The Dr. asks if he will be attending pre-school this fall. I immediate answer "The kids can't talk! There's no way he would make it in pre-school!" So this prompts the Dr. to ask how comprehensible his speech is. My face must have looked awful. me: "Um . . . .huh!" dr: "Can you understand 1/2 of what he says?" me: "Nope." dr: "we need to refer him to speech therapy." me: jaw drops, pick it up and say, "ok." thoughts roll through my head "how could i be so oblivious?!" "I have a master's degree in counseling and a bachelor's degree in psychology! how does MY son have difficulty with speech?! I should be able to fix him!" "I remember Taylor having trouble talking when she was little! Isn't Jacob in the same general area of difficulty?!" Then i remember the conversation that I just had with my OLDER brother about how Taylor had to go "pooooooop!" Crap! He's super behind in his speech development! Then i realize, it's nothing i've done, it's just Jacob and he hasn't had to talk for him because we all do the job instead! So, he's on a waiting list and hopefully we will get my little "caveman" to talk instead of grunt, point and yell incomprehensible obscenities at us! :)

So, now we have come full-circle and my story is done.


Friday, August 6, 2010

New Beginnings

So I have decided to start a blog. As every day is an adventure for me, I have been toying with the idea of blogging to share my stories and give myself some much needed relief. I am wondering if it will be a therapy of sorts . . . .

To begin my blog, I will share with you this: I am married to a wonderful man "Sarge" . . . or, Chris is what his given name is. We we joined together in wedded bliss on September 16, 2000. It was a gorgeous day and I can only hope to remember it for all my days.

We have 3 amazing kids whom I am completely infatuated with when I am not completely frustrated with them! Taylor is our oldest (8) and if you ask her, the wisest and most prettiest! She is a true princess in her own mind and if you don't believe me, just ask her! She is truly a child of God and I am blessed to have her in my life. Jacob is one of the sweetest little boys I have ever known. He is three at the time of this writing and our "runt." He loves anything that has wheels and prefers to speak his own language and we are all still trying daily to decipher it. I feel like it is verbal, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics! (I really hope I spelled that correctly!) With Jacob, I laugh when he laughs and cry when he cries. He is simply amazing. Our last baby here with us is Bradee. She is nearly 16 months old and may just be a mini-me - attitude and all. Bradee was the one baby we didn't expect to have as soon as we did, but I love her all the same, so I guess, I'll keep her. I find it amazing to watch her look and mimic her brother and sister in their actions. I also find it frustrating when she appears to have these same feelings because she can't move as well as Taylor and Jacob.

My life for the past 10 years have been a whirl-wind and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. It's been a roller coaster ride, but's it's been worth it.

At the end of the day, I look at my life and am amazed at what God has blessed me with and am happy that I will live to see another day.