Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a glimpse in the life of a 3 year old . . .

So, I feel the need to add a light hearted little glimpse into the ins and outs that comprises my day/evening/life/whatever . . . Anyway, I am type, type, typing away on the computer to post assignments for a college course that I am teaching. I look over and I see Jacob with a calculator to his ear. "eh-whoa."
Now, for those that don't know "Jakenese" or Jacob's own personal language, this is Hello, just without the H sounded out and the double L replaced by a W sound. "eh-whoa."

Further clarification may need to be given regarding the calculator. We have Blackberry phones and many of you may know that these are somewhat bigger than the small flip-phones that are out there. So, a few months back, the littles got ahold of this and decided it could double as a phone!

So, there you have it, Jacob is on the "phone" speaking "Jakenese" to whomever he darn well pleases. Now, in this instance, I am not quite sure if he was fully aware as to whom he was talking to though because the "conversation" went a little like this:
jacob: eh-whoa?  eh-whoa? (turning away and walking now) uh-huh, i bubba.
mysterious caller: ?????
I can only assume that whomever was on the line hung up or prank called our calculator because Jacob decided to throw down the phone and chase after "YA-YA!" (that's Taylor for those of you not in the know.)

And then I continued to return to working.

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