Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 year old speak

So it all started August 1, 2010. Chris did not end up getting deployed and he went to Denison to see his fellow National Guard members off for their trip to Afghanistan. I stayed home with the 3 "littles" because the littlest little had been running a fever the previous day and part of the day in discussion. That evening, Taylor and I went to church and afterwards, I was on the way home and I called my older brother to wish him a happy birthday with a song from me and taylor! (who wouldn't want an 8 year old singing to them on their birthday really?!)
While talking with my super awesome MUCH older brother - ok - it's only 2 years - but i revel in the fact that he's older - we got to talking about how I had a hankerin' to go to Bob's Bar in Martinsburg, NE. (Those of you who have never gone, that's another story that will have to wait!) After admitting that he had NEVER been there, I about lost it! How he could live in the general vacinity (within 100 miles) for so long and not dined at the excusite Bob's Bar was beyond me! I told him WE HAVE TO GO!!!! Then I remembered the 1st time I experienced such cuisine. . . Chris was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. It was June or July of 2005. Taylor was just over 3 years old and we went with my very good friends Pam and Joe. We took Taylor with us because that's what we did - take her with us EVERYWHERE! (It's nice to have a lot of suitable sitters now for the littles.)
So, Taylor it playing around while we are all talking and laughing and she comes over to me and proceeds to yell "Mooooom, I gotta go pooooooop!" I nearly pee my pants laughing so hard and I proceed to take her to the "bathroom." Im not sure if a toilet behind a very weak door consitutes as a bathroom, especially when the sink is OUTSIDE the bathroom, but the term shall remain "bathroom."

Well, "How does this equate to today?" you may ask . . . well, i will tell you. I took Jacob (now 3) to his yearly check up this past week. We go through the general questions about his home life, eating habits, sleep habits, sisters, shots, etc. The Dr. asks if he will be attending pre-school this fall. I immediate answer "The kids can't talk! There's no way he would make it in pre-school!" So this prompts the Dr. to ask how comprehensible his speech is. My face must have looked awful. me: "Um . . . .huh!" dr: "Can you understand 1/2 of what he says?" me: "Nope." dr: "we need to refer him to speech therapy." me: jaw drops, pick it up and say, "ok." thoughts roll through my head "how could i be so oblivious?!" "I have a master's degree in counseling and a bachelor's degree in psychology! how does MY son have difficulty with speech?! I should be able to fix him!" "I remember Taylor having trouble talking when she was little! Isn't Jacob in the same general area of difficulty?!" Then i remember the conversation that I just had with my OLDER brother about how Taylor had to go "pooooooop!" Crap! He's super behind in his speech development! Then i realize, it's nothing i've done, it's just Jacob and he hasn't had to talk for him because we all do the job instead! So, he's on a waiting list and hopefully we will get my little "caveman" to talk instead of grunt, point and yell incomprehensible obscenities at us! :)

So, now we have come full-circle and my story is done.



  1. Have u ever heard the story about a 5 yr old who had never spoken until one morning, his mother fixed biscuits and gravy and the 5 yr old said, "I don't like this." He was asked why he never spoke before and he said, "Because everything has been OK until now." When I first read about his "speech problem", I immediately thought how big sisters are and thought she probably does his talking for him. My daughter started kindergarten and they wanted to send her to speech therapy because she had a lisp. I had never heard the lisp until I started listening for it after they explained it to me. I know it makes a mother feel inadequate but that is not the case.

  2. Soon he'll be chatting up a storm :) ...and I've never been to Bob's bar either (*immediately ducks and covers her head with her arms as to deflect anything that may be thrown at her*)