Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank you Jacob

Well Sarge is a master of several trades . . . one specific one being fully capable of maintaning our vehicles. While he was changing my oil and air filter in my Durango, Jacob decided to "help" by maintenancing the inside of the truck. Well since I have a push-button dome light that comes on by just pushing it, Jacob managed to push it "on" while Chris was unaware.
Well, later that night/early evening we had a nice young man soliciting some type of cleaning product. I didn't have the heart to interrupt him as he seemed to have his speech memorized. He said there was "no obligation to buy" but I don't know that he realized that we have NO intention of buying from him no matter how great the product. Boy that guy was a fast talker. Well, in the midst of his display of how fabulous his merchandise was, he suggested we see if we have any oil on the driveway. Ironically enough, we DO! Well Sarge hops in the truck to move it and "tick, tick, tick" - try again "tick, tick, tick" - try again and it started. Hmm, that was bizarre?! We let it go and thought nothing of it . . . until we tried to move the truck back later that night. Now the story comes full circle. Sarge realized that since Jacob was in the truck and he looked around and found the dome light on. CRAP! Well, now my truck has been in the same spot since Thursday early evening. Humpf.
Now, we have several options to choose from. Go to an uncles place in Mapleton that may have an extra, wait until Monday for a friend of the family to bring one up to us, go to Norfolk to get my dads or get a new battery.

Decisions, decisions.
Oh, by the way, we didn't buy the cleaning product. It did look like some good stuff, but when the cash flow isn't as great as we would like, we shall refrain.

Thank you Jacob. I love you.

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