Saturday, August 21, 2010

What if . . .

I would like to preface this post by saying that I wish NOT to offend anyone but if I do, I hope to offend all who read this with enough compassion for those who feel offended by others. I wish NOT to get into an argument about my stance and will NOT respond to any replies that would seem to invite such an act. 
Now, onto my story. . .
As you all are very well aware, I am on facebook. As anyone who is on facebook can ultimately figure out, there is a significant number of groups that you can be a part of and groups you can "like" for whatever reason. I have recently seen a group that supports the idea that those who are welfare should be forced to have drug tests. This absolutely astonishes me! I cannot tell you how much this offends me as a human being.

I often wonder about those that support such an idea. For those that do support such a notion, I ask you these questions and invite you into a world that you may have never considered.
Imagine you are married, college education and have 2 children. You and your spouse are working. You are basically living like any other "typical" American . . . house payment, car payment, utilities and probably the occasional credit card. You have realized that you may have overextended your means a time or two and probably are not putting enough into savings. Now, imagine for an instance that your spouse gets laid off - the one with the greater income AND family health insurance plan. Ok, great. Now what? Well, you have to have insurance - those kids really need it. Now, unemployment could be an option, but that is going to run out eventually right . . . and you still have to pay for insurance somehow. Well, another job is found but it is significantly less pay but you somehow manage to make it work. Whew! Well, how about a few months later, YOU lose your job and this time you were the one with the greater income because your spouse had to take a lower paying job to make sure that the family had health care - God forbid anything happen to any of you and you are without insurance - only making the bills THAT much more ridiculous! Ok, now what - AGAIN! Let's just say that you lose that job right after you or your spouse has added a third child to the family! Ok, so, you have a lot of bills that use to be sustained by the once decent income that you had. You are doing what you can to pay the bills but you have come to realize that whatever is out there for a job would be just given over to a baby sitter because of how expensive childcare is. In a tough job market, beggers can't be choosers but you have to make sure that you have a job that is going to MAKE you money, not lose it! Im not sure if many of you are aware of the fact that if you are working MINIMUM WAGE, and have 3 kids in daycare - you aren't going to be bringing ANY money home AFTER you pay for day care! So, now what are you going to do? Those kids have to eat. You can probably go hungry and hey, maybe you wanted to lose a few pounds anyway . . . starving isn't exactly what you had in mind . . . but you have to do something! After a couple months of going through your savings (remember you weren't too good at getting that nest egg built up . . .after all, you are YOUNG!) and applying at every conceivable decent paying job out there that you won't have to sign right over to the baby sitter - you are broke and have only one income and that is 1/4 of what you were making when the both of you are working. What are you going to do? What can you do? Sell the house? Sell the car? Move in with your parents? Your heart is breaking because no matter what you do, you don't have enough money to make it work.

What are you going to do? Do you suck it up and apply for welfare only to know that you have friends out there that think that you should be taking a drug test because of the serious series of unfortunate events in your life? How are you going to look your friends in the eye know how they are going to feel about you?
Because you have come to a VERY rough spot in your life and you don't know how else to take care of you and your family . . . what are YOU going to do?

Are you going to change your mind and realize that it COULD happen to you? Or, are you going to go on thinking that anyone on welfare is taking advantage of the system and rather than realize that some DO have legitimate reasons for the need, you just assume that 'one bad apple, ruined the whole bunch.'

What are YOU going to do?


  1. Hey Kelli,
    I am in love with your blog. As I read it, I hear your voice in my head. LOL
    Keep blogging!

  2. 35 years ago, Al and I and 6 children were on welfare. Then we found the Lord and he directed us to good jobs. We learned to tithe and spend our money differently. Today we are retired with pension and social security and 401 accounts.

    My response to drug testing for welfare is two sided.

    Drug testing would be an expensive procedure. As I understand it, drug testing is for specific drugs, so how many drugs would be included in the testing. Also many people are on medications that has to be taken into consideration.

    However, drug testing is required for most employment so these same people may be tested in the near future as they apply for jobs. On my job, there was random drug testing throughout the year. I didn't feel victimized by that and neither should someone that needs entitlements.

    Your blog was a sincere questioning and I appreciate it.

  3. YOU have a BLOG?!!??! WHAT the?!?!? Ok... now I'm gonna go read this...

  4. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  5. i gotta say, i am so glad that i posted this. it almost feels like a food craving that you get and you can't get rid of it until you EAT that food. well, this had been bugging me for months until i finally got it out! Whew!
    now, ive got another good one stirring up inside me . . . it's gonna be soon that i will finally get it all out of my system . . . probably only to be replaced by another rant of mine! :)

  6. Hey Kelli
    I just wanted to say I see both sides of the coin so to speak.
    When I was growing up I remember my Single mom working 2 full time jobs while attempting to put herself through college and raise me.She hated being on welfare but had no choice if she wanted to better our future.So I certainly can attest to the need of welfare for some people.

    However I do see the flip-side as well.
    Government assistance is to aide those in need.Not to aide those who need a hand out.

    Because of my family's past I don't judge by jumping to conclusions that because you use some government assistance automatically means you do dope.Rather I'm thankful that assistance is readily available to anyone who truly are in need of it.So if drug testing weeds out those who are snakes in the grass using the system to benefit themselves then so be it.