Friday, October 15, 2010

Be educated . . .

a while ago Sarge mentioned a statistic that "most adults believe that 20's are the best years of their life."
I must admit that I went CRAZY! when i heard his (mis)information!!!!!

to start . . . i taught Lifespan Development this past summer and KNOW the real truth and this isn't it! After ranting and raving about how false and misleading this information is, i asked (probably told) Sarge to look up this given (mis)information. He complied and read me what it said. THIS is what the "study" said - by an independent research group (meaning they are NOT funded and probably NOT affiliated with any type of professional publishing and therefore do NOT follow professional guidelines for said studies):

58% of phone interviewed 18-29 year olds believe that the 20's are the best years of their life.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????!!!!!!

ok - if you haven't figured out the problem with this statement - let me put it in simple terms for you.
1. there are 18 and 19 year olds in this study!
2. the 20-29 year olds haven't lived past the 20's in order to even understand the magnitude and bliss that can come from NOT being in one's 20's!!!!
3. 58%?! - techinically this IS a majority - but really - it's barely over half AND it includes 18 and 19 year olds!!!!!

This, my friends, is the VERY reason we need to be educated individuals. There are TOO many times that words are twisted around in order for information to seem a particular way.

I urge you to research the information that is given to you . . .
be educated.

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