Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a weekend!

So, I have a fantastic friend who is getting married Ocotber 9, 2010. She had asked me to be the maid of honor to which I was elated to have bestowed upon me. Well, with weddings come bachelorette parties. Since I am not the drinking type so much any more, I volunteered to be the designated driver for those that wished to partake in such activites. This bachelorette party was this past weekend. It all started Saturday afternoon .. . . . 

I was in my truck (car, SUV, whatever) with a member of the bridal party on our way to Council Bluffs to go to the hotel and meet a bunch of gals that were going to be part of the party. On our way, my truck starts acting funny. The battery needle/gauge showed it to be all the way to the right and my "check gauge" light came on. Bizarre? Well, I tried to call my husband, no luck. Tried my dad; no luck. Tried my husband again and he answered but by the time he answered, the needle had returned to normal. Ok . . . ? weird. I explained what was going on and we just agreed for me to keep driving because the truck wasn't acting funny in any way. So, as soon as I get off the phone, it goes back up! Then a bit later, it came back down. Then up again and back down. The total amount of times was at least 3 times - maybe 4. It was weird.
Well, we finally make it to the hotel and are the 1st one's there. That's cool. Pam (the bride-to-be) showed up a little bit later and then a few more people after we were in the hotel room. We are hanging out and just talking and finally decide it's time to head to the restaurant.
We had reservations made for 5pm - early yes - but we were informed that there was a large party of about 35 that was going to be taking up the entire dining room but we should be ok. Alright. Well, we get there about 5:10 and are seated right away. We all order something to drink (me with my water!) and wait for one more person to show up. After she shows up, we wait a little bit longer and decide to go ahead and order as it seems as if those that were going to show up were already there. So, we order and it takes a while to get our food. A little while after we have our food, the manager of the restaurant for the evening comes over and says that since it's 6:20 -we need to hurry up and leave because the other party is coming and they need to be seated. WHAT?! You are seriously asking us to leave when we JUST got our food not more than 5 minutes ago?! Oh, no you didn't! And we see a large party of high school students coming in and getting seated. THESE are the people who have the large party?! At the risk of sounding a bit off - there was NO way that those kids were going to be spending the money that we were at that time - not with what was being consumed by our table (not me though!). (wink, wink)

Well, after much turmoil and discussion - we paid for our food and things and left - not without assuring the manager that this type of thing WILL be reported to her superior. All necessary information was obtained - the general manager's name, her name, our waiter's name - who was GREAT! poor guy!, the time of our reservation and the fact that our reservation was ok'd by a manager when the call was made.
We leave quite upset and wondering what to do next. We decide to go across the street to a bar. We joke around with the staff and tell them what just happened to us. They are stunned. We get a place to sit and drinks (and water!) were ordered. We get some chips and salsa since not everyone got to finish their food and start having a good time. More people have shown up while we are having a good time cackling it up like a bunch of hens. Well, a waitress comes over and jokes around about how we have to leave in 15 minutes. We all laugh and then she says "Seriously though, can you guys keep it down a bit?" Apparently a table she was waiting on asked her to ask us to keep it down! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WE ARE AT A BAR!!!! We tell the manager/supervisor lady working and she thought we were joking! NOPE! She asked who it was and we told her and I guess some fur was flying behind the scenes with that one! WOW!
So, we got kicked out of a restaurant and then told to quiet down at a bar. What else is going to happen?!

Well, we decide to walk around the Old Market of Omaha and are having a good time. We are tying to find a place called Whiskey Tango - I was under the impression it's a country bar. We eventually find it after a brief stint around the area. We have a good time and are there quite a long time. We eventually decide to leave and go to the casino near the hotel. I lost $2 on the penny slots - but i got a free soda out of the deal! We decide we are hungry (seriously - how could we be hungry?!) so we want a perkins. No perkins around so we eat at some restaurant that was part of the hotel/casino. We feel the need to rehash the 1st restaurant experience of getting kicked out and all the stuff we have gone through! Our waitress is stunned, the other is as well and the manager is beside himself with this information.

Well, we make it back to the hotel and around 2 am, we decide to go to sleep.

The next morning, well  . . . we all got dressed and ready to go. I am wearing sweat pants  and a hoodie with tennis shoes. Well, while trying to go down the stairs, apparently my shoes are getting caught on the carpet and edge of the stairs  - - - or the devil took over my body and kept my legs from working properly - - - so i take a tumble down 1/2 a flight of stairs. I end up scraping up both knees, somehow cut a chunk out of my finger and hit my head pretty hard on the wall. I have an instant headache and my knees hurt. After seeing I am ok, my friends are laughing so hard they are crying . . . thanks guys! ;)

Well, i make it home - no truck problems!!!! To make a longer story short - I end up getting hit in the back of the head by Jake and have ANOTHER headache to deal with and then - Jake ends up hitting his head really hard at church and had to be taken to the ER that night! He ends up ok - but WOW!

What a weekend!!!!

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