Friday, September 24, 2010

Dont take my toothpaste!

So Taylor has her own special toothpaste . . . not really special  . . . just not the same as the toothpaste that Sarge and I use. Well, she seems to have had a difficult time putting it away some time back and I told her that she needs to be putting it away after she brushes her teeth. It seemed that at least once a week I had to reiterate this to her and I had finally had enough! I told her that if she doesn't put her toothpaste away, I was going to throw it away and she would have to use the same toothpaste and me and daddy. Well, I have failed to follow through with this but I think she realizes this fact.
However! She must notice in the morning that she has failed to put away her toothpaste and seems to think that there is some toothpaste fairy (or even I have been accused of this) that comes in and takes it out and leaves it on the counter!
Well, this morning she apparently had enough time to take care of the toothpaste fairy (who apparently can read) and tell her (or him?)


(if i knew how to put the picture my husband sent to me up here . . . i would. but since i don't . . . you can about imangine!)

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